Proper accounting

Proper accounting is an income tax option to which a commercial activity may be subject. The proper accounting differs from the simplified scheme for the possibility to impute all the costs arising from the activity to the income, even when dealing with professionals or individual entrepreneurs.


We have a staff fully dedicated and informed about this area, preparing monthly to our customers the processing of salaries of all its employees, as well as correspondent receipts, pay slips and payment guides will Social Security or Finance.

We also prepare any contract or other documents deemed necessary.

Tax Consultancy

We provide support to our customers through the sharing of information in tax matters, thus optimizing their business activity.

We have always supported new investors, whether Portuguese or foreign, in the creation of new businesses or on its restructuring in tourism, real estate investment, hotel, restaurant or other activity sectors.

Tax planning

Nowadays the economic and tax changes are constant, thus making it essential for good decision-making at the enterprise level, access to updated and detailed information relevant to this effect, thus helping in the daily management of organizations.


Simões Lourenço II - Técnicos Oficiais de Contas SA, is a company that supports PME's with services in Accounting and Tax Advisory and Human and Financial Resources Management.

We help to create value through synergies between us and each of our customers, resulting from constant, attentive and personalized monitoring in order to raise the competitiveness of companies with whom we work in different sectors, promoting and thus contributing to sustained growth (mutual).


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